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06/10/14 -

We're proud to announce all the hard work over the past 2 years for our 3rd studio effort titled "Eschatology" has been completed. We had a ton of help from various industry professionals and friends during the course of making this awesome record. We were very fortunate to have the legendary Paul Ebersold (3 doors down, Spacehog, Skillet and a slew of others) mix our record. Paul has made this record sound incredible! We also gotta give a big thanks to our drummer Chase O'Neal for engineering almost all the core tracking at Big Rude Recording. We're excited to release some new music later this week for you all to check out. We'll make some official full album release announcements later this month. Stay tuned!!!!

Here's a pic of us with Paul -


05/30/14 - Got some big stuff in the works for you all... we're going to be making some full album release announcements soon!


05/01/14 - Sorry we haven't been on in ahwhile... We've been busy practing our new songs and playing shows!! See some pics below -



02/10/14 - Our record is currently off to Nashville for mixing... we're stoked... very stoked... stoked enough to play some shows! Look out for us this spring!


01/22/14 - Looks like the trip to Nashville will pay off big time... Let's just say we no longer need someone to mix our record ; )


01/17/14 - We had a great opporuity pop up... looks like the band is headed to Nashville TN for some cool stuff.


01/10/14 - Our Record is ready to be mixed... That's all we can say.


01/01/14 - HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! We all got together for some eating, drinking and uhhh... good times.



12/10/13 - Just doing MEGA work tracking harmonies and varios other cool Vocal didleys.

11/28/13 -


11/05/13 - We're ready to start tracking Vocals!!! Yes!!!! Get Stoked!


10/31/13 - Happy Halloween! Have a Spooky Day!


10/16/13 - Preproduction tracking for vocals have been COMPLETED!!!


09/22/2013 - Okay.. so those few weeks for Vocal Preproduction is going to take more than a few weeks. Stay tuned...


08/28/2013 - Guitar Tracks are complete! We're going to take a few weeks to work on pre-production for the vocals.


07/12/2013 - Butter says " Track it again Denis, this time play it right!!"



07/04/2013 - Happy Birthday Merica'


06/20/2013 - Taking a few weeks off from the studio to have some summer fun! Happy Summer everyone!!!


05/30/2013 - And it's finally Denis' Time!


05/05/2013 - HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!

04/10 - Time to TRACK simmons stuff!


04/03/2013 - Getting guitar tones... sounding massive and just like the way we want them!!!


03/28/2013 - And the BASS BEGINS!! Tyler nailed his session in 17 hours solid. Good work bassman!



03/06/13 - We have officially finished tracking the Core Drums for our new Record!

01.01.2013 - Happy New Year!! Looks like we'll be taking almost all of 2013 because we're heading back into the Studio to work on our 3rd Studio Album!


  1. 11.28.2012

    We are excited to tell everyone about a couple really cool shows we have coming up with Versus Angels and The Offer (Eulogy Records). Check out our schedule for more info!
    Please take note: These shows are your last chance to rock with us before impending doom befalls upon us on make haste, grab a friend, and let's party!
  2. 08.21.2012

    We have an exciting show coming up with JOEL KOSCHE of Collective Soul at Deep South Bar in Raleigh, NC. Check out our upcoming shows for more details! We will be rocking out some fresh tunes that have yet to be heard, so don't miss out on this awesome night!
  3. 05.08.2012

    Damona Waits has officially signed with FALLIN RECORDS. There are many exciting things to come through this arrangement, so keep your eyes peeled. We have also updated our upcoming shows so be sure to take a peek and come rock out with us! We are really excited about what's in the works, and we will keep you posted.

  4. 02.07.2012

    We want to give some shout-outs. MusicTank is an awesome video production company specializing in music videos and live performance videos. Check them out, and while you're there, check out the video for Flatbed from our December 17th show at Ziggy's with our good friends Swift.
    Also, we received a pretty rockin' review from the Wilmington Star News for our latest album, Celebrity Worship Syndrome. To read it CLICK HERE.
    And finally, we would like to thank everyone who came out to the Soapbox on February 4th for the awesome FREE SHOW. You guys and gals made that night one to remember! Thanks for all the love and support!
  5. 01.03.2012

    Welcome to 2012. We have posted new shows on our schedule page, one is a FREE SHOW. Check out when we will be in your neck of the woods, and join in for awesome music and cool times.
  6. 12.27.2011

    We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, and that you have a fun and safe New Years! We want to thank everyone for their support throughout 2011. Many thanks to Worth Weaver, Jamie King, Keith Ketchum, Brent Watkins, Brent Kirby, Xander Farr, Blake Fawcett, Ethan Sigmon, Christina Haley and everyone else who has helped us or contributed to the world of Damona Waits. Without all of you, we wouldn't be able to do what we do. There are some big surprises in the works for 2012 - keep posted on the latest news and happenings. We will keep you up-to-date as this materialize. Check out our new photos on our media page, and be on the lookout for new videos soon!
  7. 12.20.2011

    We had an absolute blast this past weekend @ Ziggy's with our good friends Swift. Thanks to everyone who came out and made that show an amazing night, and a great last show of 2011 for Damona Waits. We love you all. We also want to thank Xander Farr (Xandali Productions) and Blake Fawcett and crew (formerly Series company name coming soon) for the film work. We will have a couple videos soon from the Ziggy's show. Plus, we have more surprises in the works. We have also updated our check that out and come out and support live music!
  8. 12.13.2011

    We have added another video to the media page and updated our schedule. We have lots of new content coming soon. More pictures, more videos, and possibly some other surprises. Keep your eyes peeled.
  9. 12.09.2011

    We just posted a new video on our Media page, and updated the media page as well. Also, improvements have been made in the visibility and functionality of the entire website. Changes are still in the works, and it's only getting better. Go scope out our pictures on the Media page, and you'll see what we're talking about.
  10. 11.20.2011

    We have added new t-shirts and...
    ZIGGY's TICKETS (w/ SWIFT) to our webstore. Go check it out. Also, we had an awesome time last night rocking out with our buds in Rundown. So, we have decided to add a FREE SHOW to our calendar...go take a look.
  11. 11.15.2011

    Links page added, credit being given where it's due.
  12. 11.14.2011 goes live! Welcome!
    Look around, we will be constantly updating you with the latest Damona Waits news.